sábado, 29 de setembro de 2018

#Elenão #Elenunca #Nothim #Neverhim

We who identify as Black/ Women / Queer Brazilians are standing against the racist, sexist, queerphobic, xenophobic Brazilian presidential candidate. 
The fascist presidential candidate is the human manifestation of racist, sexist and queerphobic actions that have been constant in these past few years.
This is a Brazilian issue, but is also an issue that is going to affect the whole continent and a threat to democracy, considering that he has been defending the return of the military dictatorship and the man who is running as his vice-president is a Military General, also in favor of the dictatorship.
Most recently, he and his supporters have been propagating the idea, that slavery was caused by Black people, that the holocaust never existed and that our 25 years of military dictatorship was actually good for the country.
We already have reports of people who faced physical aggressions, by his allies, including queer people who were harassed in public spaces.
In these past few weeks, Brazilians who oppose his heinous practices created the hashtags #elenao, #elenunca which became viral and was translated by supporters around the world as  #nothim #neverhim. 
This weekend, Brazilian women are organizing an international protest called Women United Against Bolsonaro, where people are going to the streets to say #nothim #neverhim
That is why we are calling you, who are willing to fight against all forms of discriminationto join us and share this message against him and what he represents.