segunda-feira, 2 de abril de 2018

Luzes para Marielle e Anderson / Lights for Marielle and Anderson

On March 18 Black Brazilian Activist and Councilwoman Marielle Franco and her Driver Anderson Gomes were assassinated in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.
Marielle was an activist for Black Rights, for Human Rights, for LGBTQIA rights, the rights of the population living in Favela's communities and against the Black Genocide in Brazil and the Diaspora, Police Brutality, Military Intervention and the occupation of the favelas in Rio.
At this point, the investigation is really slow and the facts show political motivation behind the deaths of Marielle and Anderson. 
Today, at 7pm we are organizing a global event named Lights for Marielle and Anderson.
Whatever you are search for an event or light a light by yourself, record it and post on Social Media with the following hashtags.
Please visit for more information and share this call with your friends

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