quarta-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2011

ainda falando sobre cabelos / still talking about hair

Não sei quantos conseguiram ler meu post sobre cabelos, mas recebi esse vídeo e tem tudo a ver com o que eu escrevi aqui, então partilho com vocês.

Hey Guys,
I don't know how many of you could read my post about hair, but I have received this video and its is the same thing that I wrote here, so I share it with you.

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  1. Amei! Adoraria ter assistido um video como esse quando crianca :)

  2. In the States, black women have had complicated relationships with our hair because society has told us it better to straighten it. I'm glad this has changed over time. But often, what we (American black women) do with our hair simply comes down to convenience. I wear braids because it is easy to maintain. I don't want to straighten my hair with chemicals or heat. Some women wear weaves to keep from torturing their natural hair on a daily basis. What I wish is that I didn't have to tie my hair down and wear a scarf at night just so I can look normal in the morning.

  3. Keylinha,
    Eu também amei ter visto esse vídeo! Mostrei pra todo mundo aqui em casa e todo mundo adorou. É impressionante como nós sentimos faltas desse tipo de referência quando somos crianças. Eu torço para que a nossa geração seja a última geração de crianças negras que cresceu sem exemplos de beleza e sucesso.
    Jam, unfortunatelly this kind of thing isn’t a issue only in The U.S., also in Brazil a straight hair, is a kind of symbol of “good appearance”, what is to look like white in other words.
    But I won’t be tired to say, the most important thing isn’t the way that we wear our hair, if straight, natural or with braids, if long, medium or short, the most important is to know that an hairdo is only this, a hairdo and this can’t determinate who we are and more than this is important to know that we are pretty and amazing, no matter if our hair is in our foot our if we are a skin head. lol

  4. Dani,

    You are so awesome. Your hair post made me want to cry and kick people. I cringed reading of someone treating you poorly.

    Black Americans are no better. When people don't know their rich history, they feel they have nothing to be proud of. When people are not brave like you, they infect generation after generation with negativity.

    I'm praying for you...and us.